What’s Bee Yoga

”A yummy Yoga practice can awaken your soul purpose.” –  Bee Yoga Teacher

It’s a Unique Yoga class for on & off yogi – travellers who want to get inspired to do yoga and take the most from this trip in Vietnam.

Why do I need to take this class?

If you’ve been travelling for a while and feeling like ‘it gotta be more’
– more Relaxed after 12 hour-plane ride, rushing from place to place, getting stuck with the local language
– more Connected to your heartfelt desires and new environment
– more Mindful to enjoy every single Golden moment of the trip
– more Balanced between resting & stretching
Then this yoga class is For You.

During a Bee Yoga class I’ll show you how to…

– release all the blocks and tension that hold you back from juicing the best from your trip
– connect to your inner yogi & every gift around you
– tap into the beauty of your True Sel
– shake off all the limits
– have a date with Joy & Peace
You can see yourself at a whole new level – fresher & juicier!

What make the Bee Yoga class so different?

It’s a soulful food that helps you fall in love again with yoga, sweetly exercise your monkey mind & position yourself as an angel who’s here to heal the world, one breath at a time.
You’ll do yoga in a unique mission- driven place – a bee farm… so get curious about our holistic approach to wellness & how we founded this purposeful eco-tourism business.
My partner & I are both local teachers. Our goal isn’t only share what we love but also connect you to the local soul & see how it’s possible to make a positive impact while staying here
You’ll finish with practical tools to enhance your wellbeing & deepen your personal home practice.

What you can expect?

A 1-hour Kundalini yoga class
A very cozy private space with 5 people max.
Chill out at the end with our Free Bee-soulshine yogi tea (plus yummy farm honey)

What happen when you take the Bee Yoga class?

– Loose yourself completely in this jungle – like experience with the smoothing flowing stream, joyful bird singing and endless green bushes
– Have FUN with the practice including 5 parts: chanting to tune in, warm-up exercises, a pranayama (breathing technique), a main kriya (focused postures), a closing prayer

Why we create the Bee Yoga class?
We feel called by the spirit of the island to use this spiritual practice as a platform to leverage social environmental solutions.
Learn more about our story here.

Limited space, only 5 people/class
Book NOW at $9/person