Gratitude practice! Are you doing it right?

Gratitude practice! Are you doing it right?

‘Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools that can transform your life’

You might hear it somewhere.

Or maybe you’re practicing it seriously on a daily basis.

You’re always super generous with your ‘Thank You’ currency.

You have your own gratitude journal.

Here’s the problem:

“It sounds pretty nice. But I don’t know how it’s gonna change my life”

Hey yahhh, Me too!

I’am struggling with the same problem.

In fact, I’m writing this blog post to remind myself how to take back my power.

I’m having a time buiding my own business from the ground and keep up with a job.

It’s getting harder now because some of colleages don’t like me.

Too exhausting to go on emotional sprial of ‘What about me?’

So I know this’s time for me to sharpen my gratitude weapon and bring it to the next level.

Here’re two tricks I’ve found really helpful:

1. Authentically feel and express gratitude

It’s more than a unconscious program of repeating the words ‘thank you’ as a robot.

A genuine thankful expression is an energetic experience. It naturally brings a Big Smile to your face and open your heart.

This elevated feeling dramtically affect your body. Better immune system is one of that.

2. Go specific

I used to make a list of 5 things I was grateful for at the end of the day. And it didn’t change anything…

How to make it work?

Research shows that when practice gratitude journal with details of 1 thing you’re grateful for, you’ll feel more excited, alert and happy.

Her’s my own example:

I’m so grateful and thankful for my teaching career because:

1. It wakes me up each morning and inspires you to become a better person (really walk my talk)

2. It always takes me to the ‘flow state’ where I’m completely present with my students. All life problems just vanish when I teach.

3. I get paid well for being who I am

4. It keeps me humble because I’m just a tool that real teaching goes through.

5. It makes me smile and feel so fullfiled.

Write it down. Mean it. And feel it.

Try it out and let the result judge!

With biggest love & grace,



Ps: Bring it on to your yoga practice. With each breath open your heart and feeling so grateful to be alive, to be in this body. Now relax and receive the magic unfolding!


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