Let me know how our Bee Yoga sessions make you feel 🙂

Dec 25th, 2018

“I’m so thankful for Linh’s yoga classes.

I can’t even do half of the exercises, but still it makes me feel reborn each time.

It’s so transformative, I always feel a bless afterwards”

Emanuel, Sweden


Dec 24th, 2018


“We found the Bee Yoga class on Phu Quoc by accident. We thought we wanted to do some yoga and googled it. This site came up and we made a decision to join the afternoon class at 4:30.

We didn’t book in advanced which was not usually accepted. But we asked Linh ” Can do you do it for us?”. Luckily she agreed.

It turned out that we had a really nice yoga session. It’s calming and energizing at the same time. We just felt so good and immediately booked for another class.

Both of us ending up joining 6 yoga sessions with Linh in total at the Bee Farm.

It’s really worth every penny!

Last but not least, we absolutely love the honey tea after each class!

Jana and Vik, Germany



Dec 19th, 2018

“I’ve travelling in Vietnam for 2 weeks. It’s quite hard to find a yoga place in this country. This’s my first yoga session since I started the trip. Two weeks with constant change, 2 nights here and a night there, and consistently planning what to do next have knocked my body out of balance. 

After only 1 yoga class at the bee farm, I felt much more grounded. I could feel my energy changed and my body has become more open.

This is something that I need.

I have a week on the island and I’m going to take a 4-day diving course. After that I’d like to come back for another session.

Ps: It’s beautiful and quiet here. After 20 minutes, I already felt connected to this place.”

Evelyn from Austria



“It was very relaxing time. This yoga lessons give me everything that I have expected. I’m really happy and I’ll come back”

Sabrina from Switzerland


“I had had the best time during yoga with Linh. She is experienced, sweet and a wonderful teacher. At the end of the class, I just wanted to come back. Plus, the coconut honey drink I could taste at the end was delicious. Lots of love and thank you so much xxx.”

Alyssa from France