Am I on the right path?

Am I on the right path?

When everything don’t happen the way you want,

When all of the effort you invest in that project doesn’t ‘exhale’ any soothing outcome,

And when it looks like the whole world don’t pay any tiny ‘drop’ of attention to what you’re trying to contribute,


Not a good feeling, right?

And guess what, this unexpected guest will always show up, knock on the door of your mind, and kidnap your inner peace with this question:

‘Am I on the right path?’

Hello, Mr. Doubt! Welcome back!

I’m sure that, just like me, you’ve encountered this gentleman more than one times in your life.

Remember when I first started this teaching career, Doubt was my daily dish. I was so tired of it that I wanted to stop and do something easier.

One of the treatment I did for myself was counting every single win off  I had.

I listen to every feedback from students, to learn and grow.

It’s been over 4 years, on this journey. And to be honest, Mr. Doubt still visit me every day.

I feel like I’ve just started. There’re still million things I need to learn.

But sharing my practice with others like Beth and Pauline this morning is such a blessing.

This experience is something I want to savor forever.

And this remind me of why I’m doing what I’m doing, no matter how hard Mr. Doubt has tried to pull me off the wagon.


Now, I’m curious: What’s your secrete weapon to fight against Self-Doubt?

See you on the blog!

With so much love & courage,






4 thoughts on “Am I on the right path?”

  • I promise with my mind that i would like to make something to say thank you to a passionate yoga teacher! I known yoga before but after practiced with her, that is really i finded out the best method for my body, from my mind to health problem, so amazing! I learn from her a lots, still keep that exercise and practice by myself until now. That not only a saying I want to send for her but also that is my grateful to a person who always make efforts nonstop, not for herself, for everybody she met, for everything around her. The special thing can not ignore in Phu Quoc Beefarm. Thank you so much..Linh! Sharing from my conscious mind!

    • Thank you my best friend here Ngan. It’s an honor to share with you what means a lot to me. Nothing makes me more happy than sharing my gift with others knowing that it’s serving them in some profound ways.xox

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