About us

About us

Bee Yoga and the bee-eco related programs on Phu Quoc island were designed by the Phu Quoc Bee Farm Team, to create a unique paradise where YOU could come to relax, to learn and connect to the outer & inner beauty.

Yoga is an integral part of our farm experience, to enhance your general well-being.

The reason we call it Bee Yoga because we got this creative inspiration from the honey bees.

Every worker bee is like every single cell in our body. She always does her best to make the whole hive function well.
The bees remind us of the ultimate goal of our Bee Yoga: Bee A Service
And it’s so true that
“Yoga is not about doing. At all.
It’s a way of Bee-ing.”
Just come and serve yourself with the best peaceful joyful honey of the beehive of your natural state of Bee-ing!
At Bee Yoga, we practice Kundalini and classical Hatha yoga
Learn more about different classes here
Our yoga is appropriate for any fitness and experience levels. Just do what feels right & feel good to you.
Can’t sit comfortably on the floor? Use a block or a chair if needed.
Even if you can’t do all the ‘it’s-not-for-me’ part, then because of the combo with breathing exercises and meditation, you’ll be still satisfied with so many benefits from every class.


Yoga class vs bee farm, sound irrelevant, right?
But it comes from our solid belief: Tourism can shed a light of solution on social environmental issues.
We’re here to do just that with our holistic approach.
And yoga is such a powerful tool for each & every one of us to transform.
We believe that:

By transforming our own lives to live out our Highest Self, we’re literally changing the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your presence here could enrich the lives of the locals?
Wouldn’t it be nice if your Vietnam trip was not only significantly meaningful to you but also to them to others?
Wouldn’t it be nice if your prayers in our BYC mattered, and your deepest desires manifested?
We know there’re a lot of nice & not-so-nice things on this beautiful island.
It’s easy for us to sit here to judge, to blame or to criticize others.
But hell no,…those are just good for nothing!
We felt connected and guided by the spirit of the island. That spirit whispers over and over again to our hearts:
“Trust in the healing power of Love. Be a service of Love”
So, welcome to our Loving Paradise & take your time to enjoy every small piece of the Loving Heart in all things we do.



Hi Soulshine Yogis,

We have the same first name – Linh

We’re the Bee Yoga teachers  at Phu Quoc Bee Farm.

We love bees. We love nature.

And our  biggest love is to share what we love to help you awaken to your True Nature, to tap into your true power & enjoy every single moment of your life, creating a long – lasting sustainable happiness.


We’d really love to connect with you!